Big Data Plus Crypto; the “New Oil”?

We think it is — at least it has the potential to be.

Drilling down into big data is far more cost effective and beneficial than mining for crypto

This “formula” emerged from the closed testing of the backend tech for our new decentralised “user layer” technology and platform, called Decentr.

Our user layer is designed to contextualise and promote public access to blockchain to create Web 3.0 in the same way that Netscape contextualised public access to HTML internet to create web 2.0.

The broader conceptual idea behind our user layer is that where you have a stable, decentralised platform that can (in true “Internet of Value” [IoV] fashion) be used for the exchange of economic value (via a user’s own “personalised” exchange rate assigned to their data usage) as well as information, then all cryptocurrencies can potentially be stabilised by wider accessibility to both.

The reduction of crypto volatility in such a scenario is obvious; however, there is another, interlinked effect we noted that may yet prove as important as stabilising crypto payments and trading.

In such a scenario, the safe, secure and unalterable transfer of information and content exponentially reverses the entropic degradation of online data, with Web 2.0 effectively migrating via total decentralisation to become Web 3.0 — and all as part of users’ regular surfing habits.

What this basically means is that our platform contextualises access to stable crypto payments and trading as well as contextualised big data as part of a set of interlinked processes whereby both dimensions — crypto and data — mutually buttress the value of the other. From there, our AI and powerful APIs can collate, analyse and make meaningful sense of this data — from both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 — for every user, individual and industry.

Let’s see oil do that.

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